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Grays online

The true national auction platform for selling your car, disposing of fleet a vehicle or looking for a fast sale for the time poor. S G Wholesale is partnered with Grays Online for one reason and one reason only it works. With one of Australia’s largest online audience of registered buyers it is hard to match for pure momentum when it comes to motor vehicle auctions.

The Graysonline platform has reach that is the envy of the wholesale car trading industry with a common platform that has been optimised over many years and online auctions to produce proven results. Matching vehicle sellers and buyers in local markets to a far wider range of buyers both wholesale buying professionals to end users finding those otherwise impossible to find vehicle combinations not necessarily appreciated in the originating local market.

So why an auction to sell you vehicles or any other item that generally requiring effort to transact. Well this is easy to explain we all know the components required to sell a vehicle, seller and buyer and a mutually agreed value. Fundamentally with out these three elements a sale can not take place. Now if you have taken the time to read  this page we can assume you are selling and not having a tremendous amount success finding the elusive buyer. Using traditional forms of electronic classified for car sales, although they make promises of fast turn around and quick execution connecting buyers with car sellers, sometime it could be said there is a little disconnect.

Selling your car via a classified environment has a limited audience typically private buyers who are limited in reach by geographical location, and by default the buyer is not really competing to buy your car. Compounding the challenges is pricing of your vehicle if you advertise your car at a price that is to high you ave no contact from buyers inversely to cheap and you inundated with calls an for ever questioning could have you achieved a higher value.

Auctions although often regarded as the last alternative because in the past Newcastle and the northern region of NSW has not had access to an Auction platform as effective as Grays Online. With over 3  million registered buyer and growing daily many of the typical challenges of pricing, finding buyers and transacting in a time frame that suits you the seller.

Pricing is always front of mind with all when it comes to selling a vehicle every one wants the highest value possible when selling. Although it can be hard to recognise the truth but a cars true value in dollar terms is “what a buyer is willing to pay”. This being considered an auction presents the true value of an item at a given point in time and this where size truly matters. Grays online with its enormous data base of buyers stretching across the whole of Australia exposes greater opportunity to achieve a result with each bidder effectively competing to purchase your vehicle with every bid. More bidders quite simply means more bids.

To sell you car utilising the Graysonline platform is simple. The S G Wholesale team can facilitate the whole transaction from start  to finish. From drop off, photography to listing the vehicle online S G Wholesale will take care of the hard work. Grays online offers a number of auction styles with varying but cost effective fee structures. Contact us or simply drop in to our Hamilton North wholesale car yard to sell your car.