Founded by Steve Gamer early 2018 S G Wholesale Direct Newcastle was established to cater for the ever increasing demand for quality second hand vehicles for the wholesale used car market. Thorough Steve’s extensive knowledge of the car trading industry Steve and his team hand pick vehicle stock from around the country allowing S G Wholesales customers to rely on consistent delivery of quality stock.

Steve Gamer

Steve has over 20 years experience buying and selling used cars through various platforms including vast  experience with online and live auction platforms.  Steve not only holds a great deal of vehicle knowledge but his network allows Steve to connect the right vehicle with right buyer, this is highly advantages for those who are time poor and just looking for results.

Our Partners

Along with a network of associates from company and government  fleet managers to customers with multiple car franchise units S G Wholesale is also recognised as Grays Online ‘s automotive partner for the north coast region.  This agreement with Grays allows all users of the Grays platform to utilise S G wholesales facility base here in Newcastle to process  their online auction sales that would traditionally need to transport to Gray’s Online ‘s Sydney depot.  This not only saves on vehicle transport costs but lessons the processing time to add a vehicle to the Gray’s auction platform.

Our Staff

Steve has assembled a team of industry veterans that all posses the qualities required to deliver quality and consistency of both product and service. Our team of buyers and sales staff  are more than encouraged to act professional and focus on relationship. By doing this we expect that our customers from both purchase and sale will preference S G Wholesale as their trusted second hand car partner long term, just as Steve customers have over the years.